S2E4: Tracy

How often do you actually see other people? How often do you make eye contact and smile at the person working at the grocery check out? Do you always take the opportunity to be present and fully acknowledge the human being right in front of you?

This conversation with Tracy Litt inspired me to change the way I approach all these small interactions throughout the day. Tracy’s mother Toby was a master at this. She always took the opportunity to let others know they were seen and loved, even strangers.

This was the first ever episode where I issued a challenge. In a world that is increasingly divided, #thetobychallenge is a call to intentionally see and connect with the people in your daily life. Check out Tracy’s episode where she generously shares the wisdom she learned from her mom Toby, and if you decide to take on #thetobychallenge tag us and let us know! I can think of no more fitting legacy for Toby than to spread some much needed love and connection. ❤️ Especially around the holidays, you never know who really needs a genuine smile or kind word.

Connect with Tracy at thelittfactor.com and on social media @thelittfactor