S2E2: Mo

Ali was only 21 years old when he died unexpectedly on the operating table during a routine appendix surgery.

I sat down with Ali’s dad Mo Gawdat, best selling author and former Chief Business Officer of Google X, to discuss the incredible aftermath of that loss. When you hear about Ali, he strikes you as being more of a spiritual teacher than your average 20 year old, and the wisdom and kindness he showed in his life is something people of all ages can learn from.

Mo addresses grief from the perspective of a brilliant engineer, a truly unique approach that I know many will benefit from. This was one of my absolute favorite conversations; we talked about everything from kindness to strangers to the nature of reality and whether quantum physics can prove that life is more like a video game than we might think. Mo shares why he was inspired by Ali to give up a life that was externally wildly successfully (think 16 car garage) to embark on his mission of making 1 billion people happy.

This is the longest episode in the series because it was one of those conversations you just never want to end. I hope you get as much out of it as I did! 

You can learn more about Mo and his work at www.mogawdat.com, connect with him on Instagram @mo_gawdat, and check out his podcast, Slow Mo.