S1E5: Rubina

In the fifth episode of We Get It Your Dad Died, host Margy Feldhuhn speaks with Rubina Cohen. 

Rubina is an expert marketer who has helped numerous businesses and individuals develop and implement profit-raising marketing strategies. Rubina guides entrepreneurs, freelancers, and marketing managers in mastering their marketing efforts and elevating their strategic outcomes. 

Rubina lost her mother at the young age of 12. Her mother was sick most of Rubina’s life.  As the middle child, Rubina took responsibility for her younger siblings while her mother was sick. Rubina had to grow up really fast as she was taking care of herself, her siblings, and her mom all at the same time.

When Rubina’s mother passed away, Rubina was pulled out of school. Her father wanted her to be homeschooled so she could take care of the household and she essentially became the matriarch of the family. Rubina really felt like she was mourning both the loss of her mother and the loss of her childhood.

After rejecting an arranged marriage, Rubina ran away from home and attended college. She didn’t speak to her father for a few years, but thankfully Rubina and her father now have a great relationship. While she was in college, she had to rebuild a family with people she was meeting in an entirely new place.

Even though this was an immense challenge, Rubina reframed it in her mind as an adventure and as an opportunity. Reframing was integral for Rubina to not feel like a victim. With every challenge, she asked herself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

Rubina highly recommends that everyone should acknowledge and embrace that challenge that they’ve been through. For Rubina, she is thankful for the challenges because they showed Rubina who she really is and what she is capable of.

You can connect with Rubina at her website www.fireflystrategies.com/