S1E2: Chris

In this episode of We Get It Your Dad Died, host Margy Feldhuhn speaks with Chris Kenney. 

Chris Kenney is a multi 7-figure business owner and a sought-after business leverage expert who teaches coaches and consultants the Chris Kenney Sales Mastery Formula. This episode tells the story of Chris losing his dad and his sister.

In 2016, Chris was in London for a speaking event when he found out that his dad had died suddenly and unexpectedly. Chris had come home for the funeral the next week and was spending time with his brothers and sisters. The very next day after the funeral, Chris’s 17-year-old sister died from a cocaine overdose. Chris had also just learned that his father’s cause of death was from fentanyl-laced heroin.

One thing that started to help Chris put his life back together was to start teaching from the experience. Being able to teach, learn, and help others from this terrible experience started to create meaning from their deaths.

Another thing that Chris did to cope was drinking. A lot.


It took three years of Chris asking himself, “What are you resisting?” to finally find the answer. Chris was resisting quitting drinking, even though he knew he had to. 

He knew that the deaths of his father and his sister would be for nothing if Chris didn’t learn from the experience in some way. Chris had to choose that he wouldn’t be a victim. He had to choose how to respond to the events that happened in his life. After Chris stopped resisting the lesson that the universe was trying to show him, he was able to quit drinking.

Once he was able to stop drinking, Chris added 1.6 million dollars in revenue to his business in 2020. The deaths of Chris’s father and sister allowed Chris to finally stop resisting the lesson and stop his own substance abuse before it was too late.